In January-April 2020, Kazakhstan’s GDP decreased by 0.2%, Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov announced at a government session on Tuesday, May 12. 

“In January-April 2020, the country’s socio-economic development indicators are as follows. The production of goods increased by 5.8%. At the same time, production of services decreased by 4%. As a result, GDP fell by 0.2%. The decline in the services sector was caused by restrictions due to quarantine measures,” the minister explained. Average annual inflation rate reached 6.8%, he said.

Minister Dalenov noted the growth in the manufacturing sector was achieved due to 7.0% production increase in the manufacturing industry, 6.0% – in mining, 5.5% – in construction, and 2.2% – in agriculture.

In the services sector, the volume of transport services decreased by 11%, trade – by 8.9%, administrative services – by 4%, real estate operations – by 2.7%. At the same time, communication services grew by 9.6% in January-April 2020.

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